Working at TP Vision means working in an international and challenging environment. Here you can find some of your future collegues telling about their job.

Bernardo van de Schepop

User experience director:
I am a Brazilian designer who has worked on user experience design for a series of platforms. Working at TP VisionI have had opportunity to work on web-based software, hardware interaction like a controller for wheelchair, mobile applications and dedicated devices. All together I’ve clocked up over 14 years designing the way people are confronted with software or services.

At TP Vision I lead the User Exeprience Design team, working from defining design vision an services concepts up to its implementation in the TV software.

What excites me in working at TP Vision, is that it is the first time I have the real chance to deliver technology as a service, as a ecosystem that goes way beyond the the current hardware boundaries. The solution space for the design of TV experience is under investigation. Every company involved in this business is trying their best to reinvent the service offering, something that from a design standpoint, it’s a blanc sheet, a chance to create something authentic. No designer would pass up a chance like this.

Alehandra Iorgut

Marketing Communication Manager:

Working at TP VisionHi, my name is Alehandra Iorgut, I was born in Romania and I came to Amsterdam in August 2009, for a MSc in Business Studies, at the University of Amsterdam. Soon after that, I joined Philips CL and at the end of two successful internships in Consumer Marketing Management and International Retail Events, I joined Philips TV as a Marketing Communication Manager. Since then, it’s been a great and exciting journey for me, during which I learned a lot and I experienced “history in the making” in the TV business! In my current role, I am responsible for the offline and online marketing communication activities for global Philips TV, in line with our positioning and our product launches. What’s most exciting about my role is being “the spider in the web” and having the chance to liaise with so many stakeholders such as the Product Development team, Design team and all marketing managers in our TPVision sales organizations. At the same time, I am excited to be part of the team that will make the TPVision journey a successful one!