What to expect when you apply at TP Vision

After you applied for a position at TP Vision, you will receive the first feedback within 2 days. If your profile doesn’t match the criteria as set by TP Vision, we will keep your CV in our database, for possible other positions.

If your profile matches with the position you’ve applied for, you will be called for a brief telephonical interview. After a positive interview, you will receive an invitation for the personal interview. We will arrange this within one week after the closing date for applications.

The first personal interview will be with our recruiter, after this interview the recruiter decides if your personality and profile fit in the position you’ve applied for. If it does, you will be invited for a second interview with the manager and the HR manager.

Application procedureAfter the 2nd interview round an evaluation will be planned between the recruiter, manager and HR manager and they will make a decision about which candidate should get the contract offer and will become our colleague!

A simple application procedure, just like we like to do things.